Kide Science Partners with Raising a Reader

Our goal is to build the number one Early Childhood Education program, and this is the first big leap!

Kide Science is excited to announce our collaboration with Raising A Reader (RAR), a national nonprofit organization helping build young children’s brains and strengthen their ability to learn through daily book-sharing routines. This partnership will allow Kide Science lessons to enter the lives of over 15,000 parents participating in RAR’s Super Summer Learning Adventures each year!

"Kide Science has been making the pivot to include so much more than science. Our goal is to build the number one Early Childhood Education program, and this is the first big leap," said Jenni Vartiainen, Co-founder and Head of Research at Kide Science, "Raising a Reader and Kide Science believe that children really can learn ANYTHING through investigation, exploration, and imagination, and we both have research backed methods of education. This is truly a match made in heaven!"

Stories are known to promote children’s oral language development, and that is one of the reasons why Kide Science uses storytelling as a gateway to enter the scientific play world where the stories improve children’s language acquisition. In Kide Science’s pedagogy, we hold that language is a dominant cultural tool to mediate meanings. Thus, language skills are underscored in all phases of inquiry from verbalizing children’s questions and wonderings to communication of inquiry processes and results.

"Our partnership with Kide Science adds value to the children and families we serve through Raising A Reader’s Super Summer Learning Adventures Program by providing tools and supports for families to use storytelling while engaging children in STEM lessons,” said Michelle Sioson Hyman, Senior Vice President, Program and Partnerships, Raising A Reader.

We’ve made a bundle of lessons especially for Raising A Reader Summer Learning Adventures Family Activities. After each Summer Family Activity, roll up your sleeves, grab some household supplies and start experimenting with Kide Science’s complementary lesson plans! Register today and get started with your 10 FREE Raising a Reader inspired lesson plans with a story!

About Raising A Reader
Raising A Reader (RAR) is a non-profit social enterprise representing a network of 300 organizations across 36 states helping nurture more than 1.9 million children since 1999. RAR strengthens children’s ability to learn and supports increased family engagement through award-winning and evidence-backed programming, supported by 39 independent evaluations.

RAR stands firm in its unwavering commitment to equity, diversity, inclusivity and improving the lives of children in all communities across the United States. It is RAR’s belief that strengthening families and early literacy can be a cornerstone in creating equity and opportunity for all.​

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About Kide Science:
Kide Science is based on years of academic research in the University of Helsinki. The Kide Science platform offers the most engaging model to break the mould and give teachers the confidence to teach inquiry-based lessons with play and stories to children aged 3-8.

For more information click around this website or contact: Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, CEO | | +358 445315134