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Supporting Your Curriculum Needs

We do not claim to entirely replace your curriculum. Instead, we promise the most exciting story-based lessons to advance critical Scientific-Process Skills

And, as an extra bonus, we tick off many other areas of learning too; including Mathematics, Literacy, Communication and Approaches to Learning! Have a look at your curriculum below.

And hey, can't find what you are looking for? We are adding to our curriculums all the time. Just send us a message to ask for more details. 

Get your first 6 free science lesson plans. Be prepared to give your first lesson even today with our trial. No fancy supplies needed.

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I love this program. I believe it fits in well with our Early Childhood frameworks and curriculums.

– Teacher, Australia
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Everything is provided for me; from the lesson plans to material lists. I do not need to spend any time planning. Everything I need is given to me by Kide Science. This allows me to spend more time focusing on teaching the lessons.

– Ayeshah Ashraf, Pedagogical Expert, UAE
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There was no need to do research on the Internet or find materials online. The experiments were further tailored for the kindergarten age group.

– Clarice Omondi, Kindergarten Teacher, Finland