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We Want to Generate the Next Generation of Critical Thinkers

Our stories, both as entrepreneurs and humans in this modern world, begin and end with the simple power of play.

In 2013, we – the three founders – embarked on a five-year research journey that would irrevocably change how we look at early science education. 

In collaboration with the University of Helsinki, we hosted over 1,000 young children’s science clubs, and turned our learnings into an engaging STEAM education model that meets children in an environment most natural to them: the imagination.

At Kide Science, we know that children are active learners by nature. As a teacher or a parent, you’re bound to know it, too.

Because children have a strong tendency to explore and experiment, our pedagogy shifts science learning into imaginative science play.

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Play is the highest form of research.

— Albert Einstein

As a society, we need our children to grow up understanding, evaluating, and producing scientific knowledge.

Kide Science is here to help children become active producers of knowledge and meaning, helping them grow into the problem solvers and creative thinkers our future society needs.

You see, the little scientists adventuring in the storyworld of Supraland today are the future citizens facing up to the greatest existential threats of tomorrow.

For young children, the natural way to produce meaning is through play – not sit down, be quiet, and absorb pre-ground knowledge.

By allowing children to construct understanding – with their peers, by means of dramatic play – we raise them to have the creative capabilities as well as cooperation skills that our future society desperately needs.

Much love,

Jenni, Aino, Sari, and the Kide Science Team


Jenni Vartiainen

Head of Research & Co-founder jenni@kidescience.com

Aino Kuronen

Product Lead & Co-founder aino@kidescience.com

Sari Hurme-Mehtälä

CEO & Co-founder sari@kidescience.com

We believe that great products are built by a great team. 

Our vision is to have an effective workplace for our employees. Our community should come to work feeling that their job really matters and that they can affect how things are done. 

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1. We Are Research-Backed

The latest research into science education and pedagogical approaches are at the core of our product and we do not compromise on that. When we develop pedagogies for young scientists, we lean on research and we constantly update our knowledge.

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2. We Are Data-Driven

Our mission is to create the next generation of critical thinkers and we should be critical thinkers ourselves as well! When striving for better services, you are always free to experiment on your ideas - think fast, learn fast. Share your ideas on low threshold and let’s experiment with it!

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3. We Think Customer -First

We aim to delight the customer wherever possible  - whether it is delivering a 3D Hoseli to their doorstep or some other personalised support to make them happy. No need to hesitate when you know you can make our customer feel special.

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4. We Seek for Feedback

Our aim is to solve the problems which our customers might face, and that’s why we should always seek to understand the customer and their needs. Spend time with our customers and actively seek their feedback.

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5. We Use Lean Working Methods

Gather around and solve the problem together! We see our community as a system, where we can help each other to do high quality work faster. Our system has its limits - and pushing those limits will only create pressure and low quality. We share our work to get it done faster - and with better quality to the customer.

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6. We Are the Change We Want to See in the World

Something needs to be changed? Say it out loud, learn how to do it and share your learnings with others. If you need any support on how - don’t hesitate to seek for the resources, ask advice from a colleague or buy the books you need.

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7. We Succeed Together, We Fail Together

We support each other to succeed. Our teams work together for shared goals, so we make sure our customers benefit from the expertise we have in the team, and we learn from each other. And if something doesn’t work? We don’t point fingers, we learn from it and move on to the next idea.

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8. We Link Back to Our Mission And Strategy

We connect everything we do to our mission and strategy. This helps us to prioritise and focus.

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After the scores from the judges and more than 10,000 votes submitted by the public across the world, Kide Science was selected as the most cutting-edge innovator in Education & Media.

– Alessandra Sollberger, Founder of Top Tier Impact

Online science resources provide teachers with a wealth of high-quality digital content to support the delivery of science-based learning in their classrooms. Kide Science is the highest rated science resources listed on EdTech Impact.

– EdTech Impact Team

The Super Connect for Good Competition seeks to discover and super connect the best emerging tech startups and scale-ups creating positive social impact to enhance people's lives through technology. Congratulations to Kide Science for being crowned our Regional Winner for the DACH & Nordics region.

– Kosta Mavroulakis, Founder CEO of Empact Ventures

Leading online magazine about startups in EU chose Kide Science as on of the TOP10 European Startups shaking up the EdTech Sector in 2021.

– Charlotte Tucker, EU-Startups

Using the HolonIQ platform, our Intelligence Unit team and market experts selected these 50 digital education companies out of almost 1500+ EdTech startups from the Nordic and Baltic countries, based on HolonIQ’s scoring fingerprint that includes capital, team, market, product and momentum.

– HolonIQ Team

The HundrED’s annual Global Collection highlights 100 leading innovations in K12 education from around the world. Kide Science was chosen for the 3rd year in a row as it has been rapidly scaling and is showing a high degree of impact all over the world.

– HundrED Academy Member

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