Seeds for scientific literacy need to be planted during early childhood

Learning scientific thinking in early childhood predicts better learning outcomes in school. We support children’s scientific thinking through play-based learning.

Kide Science was born through years of academic research done in Finland, where we developed our play-based STEAM concept for 3–8-year old children. Get our turnkey solution to benefit the young scientists!

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We train you step-by-step on how to master STEAM pedagogy. We want you to feel confident when introducing scientific thinking for young children.

Lesson plans

We provide you with top-quality lesson materials that include video-guided experiments, engaging stories, pedagogical tips and equipment lists for each lesson. Just plug and play!

Peer support

There is always a helping hand if you need one. You can ask and learn from our global Kide Science Community and from our STEAM experts in Finland.



Engaging learning experiences at an early age

STEM subjects are often considered boring and distant from everyday life. We tackle this challenge at an early age! Our hands-on, heads-on, hearts-on pedagogy shifts science learning into imaginative science play. In this imaginary scenario, we invite young minds to think and act like scientists who are solving a real problem. Imagination drives the whole inquiry process from the beginning to the end. We say that science is child's play.

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Girl admiring science experiments in a lab coat

The STEAM approach that unleashes your imagination

Jump into an enlightening adventure in a fantasy world called Supraland and learn about scientific phenomena! We approach learning through a pedagogy that combines all STEAM subjects in an exhilarating way.

STEAM Science


Learn about chemical reactions and solubility with the measurement-loving scientist Kelvin.

STEAM Technology


Use your imagination to design your own machine and learn computational thinking with the bossy but loving Mrs Noblegas.

STEAM Engineering


Learn about electricity and build your own electric circuits with the easily steaming Robot Hoseli.



Get creative and design your color hurricane with the artistic scientist Esther.

STEAM Mathematics


Learn about shapes and strong structures with the accurate scientist Pi.

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The underlying story
is very well made

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The story of
Kide Science

Kide Science was founded in December 2017 after years of academic research done by our founder Dr. Jenni Vartiainen. Where are we now?

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