Kide Science Stands with Ukraine.

We stand with the people of Ukraine.


We, the individuals who make up the organization of Kide Science, all stand firmly with the people of Ukraine. 

Our hearts have been heavy because of the egregious actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. The invasion not only violates  international law, but on a human level, decimates the peaceful lives of people very much like us, and very much like you. 

One of the most important things we can do in times like these is spread factual information. Especially in the face of the Russian Government - who has, throughout history, used information warfare in order to muddy the waters and confuse onlookers as a means to further their agendas.

Kide Science has been tasked by our colleagues in Ukraine to help their mission of providing factual information.

That being said, here are some websites that have been accurately reporting on the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

The New York Times
The Guardian
The Kyiv Independent

If you'd like to help using monetary donations, here are some reliable organizations providing humanitarian aid. These are trustworthy organizations that Kide Science is also donating to:

Save Life in UA
The Ukranian Red Cross
UNICEF Ukraine

We ask that anybody reading this do what they can.