Kide Science Expands to Africa

We here at Kide Science are enthusiastic about helping children to get excited about science and to learn how to think like a scientist.

Early childhood science education company Kide Science has signed an agreement with STEM METS Resources Limited to provide curriculum enhancement and world-leading STEM education programs for young learners in Lagos. STEM METS is a social enterprise offering award-winning, world-class, hands-on STEM programs for 3-16 year-old learners. These programs are internationally known for their ability to develop creativity and inspire innovation.

CEO of STEM METS Jadesola Adedeji explains the reason behind cooperation: “We want to ensure that Nigerian children and youth are equipped with the skills set required to compete in the future global workforce and also contribute to the economic development of our country. That is why we want to lead and advocate the introduction of STEM-based activities from early childhood age onward and feel that Kide Science is the perfect solution for our youngest scientists.”

CEO of Kide Science Sari Hurme-Mehtälä comments: “We are delighted to have such a sector-focused expert from Nigeria. STEM METS share our learning outcome targets by developing multidisciplinary skills that are also transferable into non-STEM related careers. We both reinforce the concept of “learning-by-doing,” which helps teachers to facilitate science education, especially with young children.” 

As a result of this agreement, teachers from STEM METS have started the Kide Science teacher training, and an official Kide Science program will be launched in Africa for the first time. 

More information: 

Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, CEO
Kide Science

Jadesola Adedeji, CEO

Kide Science develops young children’s scientific thinking skills through engaging hands-on experiments that solve real science problems. A proven pedagogical method delivers better learning outcomes in school and is based on years of rigorous academic research conducted by Founder Jenni Vartiainen, PhD. Its scalable online platform provides teachers and parents with training and lesson materials to lead hands-on, playful STEAM education.

STEM METS Resources Limited is a social enterprise committed to nurturing, enriching and inspiring young minds by providing quality, innovative and alternative educational learning platforms. An indigenous company geared towards providing world-class services that are skillfully designed to equip Nigerian children and the youth at large with the necessary skills set to compete and succeed in the 21st century and the future global workforce.