3 Ways Kide is Different

Here are three things which make us different from every other educational solution out there. 

We couldn’t be more proud of Kide Science. We know that our lesson plans facilitate earth-shattering aha! moments that stick.

Here are three things which make us different from every other educational solution out there. 

1. Facts are forgettable

Experiences and experiments are forever. We don’t believe young children benefit from learning facts or information, but we
do believe young children benefit from learning different skills. For example, science process skills: how to find out, how to explore, how to develop social and emotional skills. With these skills children can learn in any area, which is why we also provide plans which have an integrative approach: we believe that children learn best when they can learn different kinds of skills at the same time. With our lessons children can learn, for example, math skills alongside musical skills, and also social and emotional skills!

2. We are truly research-backed.

Kide Science is grounded in academic research – years of it! The pedagogy that we use is a result of our co-founder Jenni Vartiainen’s five year PhD studies. And of course, we continuously research and study how our pedagogy works in different contexts; always learning how we can make Kide even better. 

3. We utilize play in our pedagogy and learning.

There are plenty of companies that say that they do playful learning, but one thing that they are missing is using a child’s imagination. Imagination is a teacher’s best friend. In Kide Science we use stories to spark children's imagination and help them jump into a play situation, ready to inquire. Each of our lessons feel like play; although the children are, in fact, learning all-important skills.

Through play, children can take the main role, and the teacher can instead step aside to scaffold and help the children. Teachers are not deciding what children should be doing, and because of this, children have a high level of agency to guide where the learning goes.

And – Number 4. (because we’re cheeky): we really can say our lessons are for everyone:
Our child-centric, playful inquiries are suitable for all sorts of learners. So we know that, for example, ADHD children have benefits from our approach: because the play takes into consideration their own, personal way of learning. 

So now you know why we have been chosen as the best educational solution from Finland.

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