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Kide's research-backed, playful inquiry lesson plans are guaranteed to engage all kinds of learners of different ages and abilities. What's even better, you can get started even today without extensive prep or fancy equipment!

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icon-individual Individual membership

One free lesson plan of your choice every week.

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  • One free lesson plan every week (access to each lesson resets 7 days after unlocking)
  • On-screen lesson plans only
  • Lesson instructions: Step-by-step guide, video guidance for teachers, educational tips, scientific explanations, and age/ability adjustment tips
  • Access to some of the basic printables needed to do the lessons

Kide Team

Businesses, districts & schools

Unlimited access to all lesson and training content.

  • Unlimited access to all content
  • On-screen AND printable lesson plans
  • Lesson instructions: Step-by-step guide, video guidance for teachers, educational tips, scientific explanations, and age/ability adjustment tips
  • Access to ALL printables
  • Assessment materials for the classroom
  • Complementary video training for teachers
  • Teacher & school certifications
  • Additional home experiments for parents
  • Personalized onboarding training for new users
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Access to marketing materials and support with PR/marketing needs

Which plan is right for me? 

We want to make Kide as affordable as possible for teachers and parents, and we've worked hard to reflect that in our business model 

Individual educators and parents: start with the free plan. This plan is no-frills, but gives instant access to one free lesson plan every week, for 30 days

Principals, headteachers, curriculum directors, superintendents, and other decision-makers: Choose the Team Plan. This plan has no user limit, and provides personalized onboarding, pedagogical support, and a dedicated success manager for every teacher in your school or district.  Ask for Quote.

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Whats in a Kide lesson

What’s in a Kide lesson?

story An immersive story to set the stage

illustrationsIllustrations to captivate little learners

adjust Tips to adjust every lesson based on a child’s age and ability

printout Printouts – lots and lots of printouts!

video Video instructions for teachers

science Scientific explanations for all the phenomena

Why Kide?

  • subjectCross-curricular– teach STEAM, SEL, problem-solving, and so much more in one lesson!
  • no-screenNo screens for kids here: just pure, hands-on learning
  • craftedCrafted with 💜 by teachers in Finland
  • globeActivities tested in real classrooms with real children around the world
  • parentsFantastic for both teachers in a classroom and parents at home
  • academicBacked by years of academic research in the University of Helsinki
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What teachers say about us

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We have been very impressed with the array of science lessons and how they can be used with the many different interests and studies of our school.

– Sara Reichstadt, Kinderberry Hill, USA
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I love that it is a program that doesn’t underestimate children. Our educators value how easily accessible the platform is and how simple the equipment requirements are, meaning an enriching activity can be quickly initiated based on what the children are interested in that very day.

– Stuart Graham, The Operations Director of Monkey Puzzle, UK
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I find Kide science to be a very useful tool with preschool (6 year olds) kids. It is motivating, interesting and made super easy for the teacher. Even with our special learners it has been a positive learning experience.

– Elsa Raittinen, Teacher in the Helsinki City, Finland
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We wanted to start with Kide Science as we see how it expands the concepts of science and language education to the wider underpinning perspective of multiliteracy. Our teachers also value how easy the platform is for them to use and how engaging stories are in all the lesson plans for young children entering the imagination world.

– Carol Stancati, Director of the Red Balloon in School, Brazil

Frequently asked questions

Can I teach Kide lessons if I'm not a teacher?

Of course! In fact, it's one of our points of pride that you don't need to be a) a science teacher or b) a teacher at all to teach Kide lessons. All activities come with ready-made lesson frameworks, pedagogical tips and tricks, tips for adjusting to different age groups, scientific explanations, and training materials.  Each lesson is tried and tested with real kids in the real classroom so you don't need to worry about whether it's going to work – because it will!

How can a lesson be appropriate for ages 3-8? That’s a really big age gap.

You're right! And we don't expect you to give the exact same lesson to every age group. Each experiment comes with pedagogical tips to tailor the lesson to your respective age groups. 

It's the same task, but the super young scientists (Level 1) use a totally different method to measure flowers (by easing into the concept with something easy - like a finger) - whereas the older scientists use something concrete, like inches or centimeters.

Can I teach Kide lessons online?

Yes - our lessons are super accessible online. If you'd like to read more about making lessons remote friendly, click here. 

Do I need a science kit or special supplies?

You won't need one! We thoughtfully designed every lesson to use common kitchen supplies only. And hey - if you don't have something: we also often list alternatives. 

Is Kide Science free?

Currently, we offer a free plan with the ability to unlock one free lesson per week, for 30 days. In addition, we offer an annual subscription for teams (schools, nurseries, kindergartens, school districts, businesses, etc.). Learn more about all plans here.

Which curriculums does this match?

Currently, we support the following US & UK curriculums: EYFS (UK), Key Stage 1 (UK), NGSS (US), Pre-K Standards (US, Iowa). Read more here.

Is this for kids, or is it for adults?

Both! Kids will learn problem solving skills and science process skills while having fun, and as an educator, you will get to observe how story-based education keeps your children more engaged and focused at the task at hand (which is why teachers of special needs kids love us!). 

What topics do you cover?

Our main topics are Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – or STEAM! However, our ultimate goal is to give children social-emotional, critical thinking and problem solving skills they very much need to navigate the world growing up and all of our activities promote the learning of those.

Does this take a lot of preparation?

No it doesn't. In fact - our introductory lessons can be done right away with very basic supplies you already have on hand (like pens). On average, it takes about 15-20 minutes  to prepare – including getting familiar with the lesson outline, collecting supplies, and printing out needed materials, after which you're 100% ready to do the lesson.

How is Kide Science different from other STEM resources I already use?

Short answer: Kide Science is story-based, which is guaranteed to generate more engagement and get better learning results than normal STEM programs.

Longer answer: Our scientific research shows that kids learn better when they're playing and using their natural sense of wonder. That's why every Kide Science lesson starts with a story from an imaginary world. Stories and illustrations engage children and present research problems in a concrete, fun way - which is much more effective than science lessons with no context.

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While we are a business, we are more than happy to provide our lesson plans to those that truly can’t afford it. Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you out! 💜

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