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Supporting Your Curriculum Needs

We do not claim to entirely replace your curriculum. But we do promise to enhance it with the most exciting story-based lessons, all of which strengthen your children's Scientific-Process Skills

As a bonus, we also tick off other domains of learning including Math, Literacy, Communication, and Approaches to Learning.

See below for the sparkle we add to your standards. Can't find what you are looking for? We are constantly updating our correlations. Get in touch for more details. 



Each lesson has been carefully designed, and it is clear that a lot of effort has been made to make the teachers job easier. This includes clear instructions on how to proceed with each lesson, video demonstrations, material list with photos, homework etc.

– Julian, Curriculum Designer

We have been very impressed with the array of science lessons and how they can be used with the many different interests and studies of our school.

– Sara Reichstadt, Kinderberry Hill, USA
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Everything is provided for me; from the lesson plans to material lists. I do not need to spend any time planning. Everything I need is given to me by Kide Science. This allows me to spend more time focusing on teaching the lessons.

– Ayeshah Ashraf, Pedagogical Expert
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I was comparing all the different sites and curriculums that are out there. I liked how many you have and you add from time to time.

- Rose, homeschool teacher, LA

I love this program. I believe it fits in well with our Early Childhood frameworks and curriculums.

– Kide Teacher
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They spell out the scientific concepts in easy to understand language. New vocabulary is explained clearly and specific observations to help children notice are highlighted.

– Wong, Principal