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A Story-based SciEd Masterclass.

Sign up to get started with story and play-based science education in less than 25 minutes. This email masterclass consists of three 5-10-minute videos sent to your inbox over the course of three days.

Here's what you'll learn in less than 10 minutes a day:

  • Why story-based learning is the best way to teach science for children of 3-8 years - backed by academic research and 1000s of teaching hours.
  • Practical tips for the classroom - and an example lesson with real kids
  • How drama can be made extremely easy for teachers
  • Actionable framework to get you started - along with additional resources and reading

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This is what other teachers love about story-based science lessons

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I love this program. I believe it fits in well with our Early Childhood frameworks and curriculums.

– Teacher, Australia
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Everything is provided for me; from the lesson plans to material lists. I do not need to spend any time planning. Everything I need is given to me by Kide Science. This allows me to spend more time focusing on teaching the lessons.

– Ayeshah Ashraf, Pedagogical Expert, UAE