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What is Kide Science?

The premier teacher training and lesson platform for early childhood STEAM education.


Easy to Use

We provide high-quality lesson plans that include guided experiments, engaging stories, pedagogical tips, and equipment lists.


Great for Kids

With science lessons built around stories and characters that young kids love, they're able to follow along and do experiments without too many distractions.

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Our online training modules help you master STEAM pedagogy. We want you to feel confident when introducing scientific thinking to young children.


Why Teach Kide Science Lessons?

Story- and Play-Based Learning Develop Interest in STEAM Subjects

  • Lessons come from a story-world that encourages children to help our characters.
  • Kids work together to help their new friends, building empathy and teamwork skills.
  • With lessons accessible for a variety of skill levels, students can turn to one another for guidance. 

Our Lessons are Based in Proprietary Research

  • Kide Science was formed from academic research by our founder, Jenni Vartiainen, PhD
  • Her research is focused on making science accessible for young children
  • We continue to grow and evolve based on her ongoing research and studies

Show Skill Growth to Parents

  • Kide Science students learn skills that will apply to all areas of life -- communication, empathy, observation, and more. 
  • We teach skill growth over fact-memorization, helping students grow into independent, critical-thinkers.
  • Our innovative assessment tools help show parents what their children are learning.
  • Our assessment methods help you understand not only where students struggle, but why, and help you improve your learning environment.

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What We Offer

  • Plan in advance with 60+ lessons and 130+ experiments
  • All experiments come with simple supply lists
  • Tips to make the experiments fun and challenging for different abilities
  • Training in our play-based pedagogy
  • Certification exam with personalized feedback
  • Training to adapt lessons to remote learning
  • Home experiments so your students can show off what they've learned
  • Access to a global network of likeminded educators for collaboration and troubleshooting
  • Friendly support from Kide Science HQ


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