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For Teachers

The Best STEAM Teaching Experience for Early Education

As dedicated, passionate, and well-informed as the world’s eight million early educators are, many feel they lack the skills to guide fruitful, rewarding science activities.

Kide Science was founded to change this.


For Teachers, By Teachers

Our high-quality lesson plans include video-guided experiments, engaging stories, and pedagogical tips. No need for expensive kits here; our lessons only ever call for everyday supplies.


Kids the Storyworld

Each of our lessons is based on a story. An engaging narrative with a kooky cast of characters makes it easy for young kids to follow along. 95% of our students want to return to our activities.


An Empowering Choice

You do NOT need to be a scientist to feel confident teaching science. Our online training modules include everything you need to master the STEAM pedagogy.


What We Offer

✓ Start teaching immediately; 80+ lesson plans and 180+ experiments to choose from
✓ Alignment with your curriculum
✓ New lessons released every month: meeting your needs and children's interests
✓All experiments come with simple supply lists
✓ Tips to make the experiments fun and challenging for different abilities
✓ Training in our play-based pedagogy
✓ Certification exam for teachers with personalized feedback
✓ Training to adapt lessons to remote learning
✓ Home experiments so your students can show off what they've learned
✓ Access to a global network of like minded educators for collaboration and troubleshooting
✓ Endless support from Kide Science HQ

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Why Choose Kide?

We truly have walked the science walk.

In collaboration with the University of Helsinki, we’ve conducted a five-year research and hosted over a 1000 young children’s science clubs, and our work to raise the next generation of critical thinkers continues.

Stories + play = learning.

Our vision is to get children excited about how the world around them works. To get there, we have based our pedagogy on the powerful world of stories – because only through imagination can we see beyond what we already know.

Happy kids make for happy parents.

Parents love us. Why: we focus on teaching principles and theory that apply to the most important areas of life --empathy, communication, observation – and help you demonstrate skill growth with a Finnish pedagogy-based assessment tool.

Complementing International Curriculums

Be confident that Kide Science supports your curriculum standards.  Click here to see our coverage in your curriculum.

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