Engaging, story-based lesson plans.

Embrace your students' sense of wonder and explore scientific problems together. Each lesson starts with a story where everything is possible. All you need is everyday objects and a few minutes!

What We Offer

✓ Start teaching immediately; 80+ lesson plans and 180+ experiments to choose from
✓ Alignment with your curriculum
✓ New lessons released every month: meeting your needs and children's interests
✓All experiments come with simple supply lists
✓ Tips to make the experiments fun and challenging for different abilities
✓ Training in our play-based pedagogy
✓ Certification exam for teachers with personalized feedback
✓ Training to adapt lessons to remote learning
✓ Home experiments so your students can show off what they've learned
✓ Access to a global network of like minded educators for collaboration and troubleshooting
✓ Endless support from Kide Science HQ

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Each lesson has been carefully designed, and it is clear that a lot of effort has been made to make the teachers job easier. This includes clear instructions on how to proceed with each lesson, video demonstrations, material list with photos, homework etc. Kide science lessons also follows a story with characters which makes my students feel more involved and proud of their accomplishments as they feel that they have contributed to the story.
-Julian, Kindergarten Teacher


In my experience the way of approaching science with stories and playfulness has had a strong impact on children. Combining a sort of a storytelling and science has been very motivating and interesting for me as a teacher.
- Iina, Science Club Teacher


As a teacher, Kide Science guides us one by one from preparation, how to conduct the class, and the science theory behind the activities. We as teachers just follow the instructions step by step - but there is always space for improvisation (but even those are provided with some theory behind it!)
- Onggo, Teacher

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  • Explore play-based pedagogy! Get FREE training and practice lessons with children.
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  • Everything you need to adapt lessons to remote learning and different ages.

Teachers First.

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For Teachers, By Teachers

Our high-quality lesson plans include video-guided experiments, engaging stories, and pedagogical tips. Skip the expensive kits; our lessons only ever call for everyday supplies.

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Kids ❤ the Storyworld

Our high-quality lesson plans have guided experiments, engaging stories, pedagogical tips, and equipment lists. Everything you need to easily dive in and teach a lesson.

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An Empowering Choice

You don't have to be a scientist to confidently teach science. Training modules are included in your trial for everything you need to master our pedagogy.

Why Choose Kide?

We walk the science walk.

With the University of Helsinki, we’ve conducted  five-years of research and hosted over 1000 young children’s science clubs. Our work to raise the next generation of critical thinkers continues.

Stories + play = learning.

We want children to get excited about how the world around them works. To get there, we have based our pedagogy on the powerful world of stories – because only through imagination can we see beyond what we already know.

Happy kids make for happy parents.

Parents love us. Why?
We focus on teaching principles and theory that apply to the most important areas of life --empathy, communication, observation – and help you student growth with a Finnish pedagogy-based assessment tool.

Complementing International Curriculums

Be confident that Kide Science supports your curriculum standards.  Click here to see our coverage in your curriculum.

Read more about our approach.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach Kide lessons if I'm not a teacher?

Of course! In fact, it's one of our points of pride that you don't need to be a) a science teacher or b) a teacher at all to teach Kide lessons. All activities come with ready-made lesson frameworks, pedagogical tips and tricks, tips for adjusting to different age groups, scientific explanations, and training materials.  Each lesson is tried and tested with real kids in the real classroom so you don't need to worry about whether it's going to work – because it will!

How can a lesson be appropriate for ages 3-8? That’s a really big age gap.

You're right! And we don't expect you to give the exact same lesson to every age group. Each experiment comes with pedagogical tips to tailor the lesson to your respective age groups. 

It's the same task, but the super young scientists (Level 1) use a totally different method to measure flowers (by easing into the concept with something easy - like a finger) - whereas the older scientists use something concrete, like inches or centimeters.

Can I teach Kide lessons online?

Yes - our lessons are super accessible online. If you'd like to read more about making lessons remote friendly, click here. 

Do I need a science kit or special supplies?

You won't need one! We thoughtfully designed every lesson to use common kitchen supplies only. And hey - if you don't have something: we also often list alternatives. 

Is Kide Science free?

Currently, we offer a free plan with the ability to unlock one free lesson per week - forever. In addition, we offer an annual subscription for teams (schools, nurseries, kindergartens, school districts, businesses, etc.). Learn more about all plans here.

Which curriculums does this match?

Currently, we support the following US & UK curriculums: EYFS (UK), Key Stage 1 (UK), NGSS (US), Pre-K Standards (US, Iowa). Read more here.

Is this for kids, or is it for adults?

Both! Kids will learn problem solving skills and science process skills while having fun, and as an educator, you will get to observe how story-based education keeps your children more engaged and focused at the task at hand (which is why teachers of special needs kids love us!). 

What topics do you cover?

Our main topics are Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – or STEAM! However, our ultimate goal is to give children social-emotional, critical thinking and problem solving skills they very much need to navigate the world growing up and all of our activities promote the learning of those.

Does this take a lot of preparation?

No it doesn't. In fact - our introductory lessons can be done right away with very basic supplies you already have on hand (like pens). On average, it takes about 15-20 minutes  to prepare – including getting familiar with the lesson outline, collecting supplies, and printing out needed materials, after which you're 100% ready to do the lesson.

How is Kide Science different from other STEM resources I already use?

Short answer: Kide Science is story-based, which is guaranteed to generate more engagement and get better learning results than normal STEM programs.

Longer answer: Our scientific research shows that kids learn better when they're playing and using their natural sense of wonder. That's why every Kide Science lesson starts with a story from an imaginary world. Stories and illustrations engage children and present research problems in a concrete, fun way - which is much more effective than science lessons with no context.


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