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We train you step-by-step on how to master STEAM pedagogy. We want you to feel confident when introducing scientific thinking for young children.


Lesson plans

We provide you with top-quality lesson materials that include video-guided experiments, engaging stories, pedagogical tips and equipment lists for each lesson. Just plug and play!

Peer support

Peer support

There is always a helping hand if you need one. You can ask and learn from our global Kide Science Community and from our STEAM experts in Finland.

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Learn-by-doing STEAM teacher training & certification

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Orientation 1: Jump into Science Adventure!

  • Basics of Science Education
  • 5 short (5-10 min each) and information packed video lessons for teachers
  • 3 exciting experiments to do with children

Orientation 2: Supraland

  • Recap: science process skills, play, storytelling and drama education
  • 10 training chapters that deepen your knowledge about teaching research skills and using playful methods
  • 5 intriguing experiments to do with children with video guidance
  • Exam: validates your knowledge on Science process skills and gives access to integrated part

Integrated training including 10 lessons with children

  • Conducting Science education with Kide approach
  • 10 short, but substantial training videos
  • Jump into Kelvin's weather adventure with 3-10 year old children
  • Kide lesson materials for 10 x 45 minutes lessons with children
  • Kide teacher certification (valid for 1 year)

199 €   360 € (+ tax)
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The trial includes two lessons and four experiments.

We'll also share with you how we design our lessons, so you can see the pedagogy and theory that supports our lessons.

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Kide Concept for early education and hobby-providers

Our materials are approachable and easy to use. Decide today, start with children tomorrow!

With Kide concept you get to implement internationally prestigious Finnish pedagogy with our cost- and time-effective solution. Our training and step-by-step lesson plans guides teachers to implement high quality STEAM education. We are here to make your job easier!

  • You will start the training with us by doing simple experiments with children. You can start with the first experiments right away - preparation takes only 10 minutes!
  • We guide you step-by-step on how to use our lesson plans and how to teach science process skills.
  • You will get help from our professionals any time you need.
  • In the end, you will receive a Kide Teacher Certificate that validates your professionality in STEAM education.
  • Want more? Continue on our training path to receive Kide Carbon, Kide Crystal, Kide Sapphire and Kide Diamond Certificates!
STEAM Science

Use the latest scientific research on how young children learn scientific thinking

We all know that science education for young children is important. Our world needs people that can think scientifically and the foundation for scientific literacy is built in early childhood. Play is the most effective way to build a young child’s understanding in STEM.

We also know that many early educators feel they have not received the necessary training to implement STEAM education and feel they need support. Our pedagogical model is designed to give teachers all the tools they need. We provide both training and lesson materials that steer to do STEM education playfully.

STEAM Science

Are you an educator? Send us a message!

Are you an educator? Send us a message!

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