Kide Science has closed its second deal in Thailand.

Press release 25th of November 2019

Press release 25th of November 2019

Kide Science, a Finnish early science education company has closed its second deal in Thailand. This new co-operation begins with Edu+Craft learning center in Bangkok from January 2020.

“We are so happy to start the collaboration with Edu+Craft so we can offer early science education for young children in Thailand. Edu+Craft shares the same mission as us - Science is child’s play! Through play, children will be able to relate scientific concepts and practices to their cultural worlds and therefore, make science relevant to themselves. By playing, children are able to embrace the practices that are essential for the scientific process. If we can learn in a meaningful way to find out as a child, we will grow up and see ourselves as active learners and critical thinkers.” says Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, CEO of Kide Science.

“At Edu+Craft learning center children do a lot of creative hands-on experiments. Our main subject has been art, but now Kide Science fills all of our STEAM subjects. We believe that when children can do creative and imaginative experiments with their own hands, they will learn and find out about the world around them in the most effective way.” says Ornanong Sihsobhon, founder of Edu+Craft.

More information:
Sari Hurme-Mehtälä | CEO of Kide Science | +358 44 5315134 |

Ornanong Sihsobhon | Founder of Edu+Craft | +6692 265 9396 |

Kide Science helps educators support children’s scientific thinking through play-based learning and storytelling, which predicts better learning outcomes in school. Kide Science applies a research-based pedagogical model from Finland to early science education, which functions as an engaging “plug n’ play” tool for teachers. The licensing model includes training, lesson plans and peer support.

Edu+Craft is the outside school learning center to encourage happy and enjoyable education for kids. We conduct all classes through play-based learning in the concept of various STEAM and ART aspects. Our objectives aim to create Curiosity, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Communication and Empathy. We also aim to encourage kids’ inspiration and let them find what they like by themselves. We hope to see them grow and live happily with other people in this world.

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