Press release 15th of May 2020

Kide Science, a Finnish early science education company has just closed its first deal in Taiwan

The agreement was signed with Starlight Education Group, which has been focusing on building and managing kindergartens and schools with the intentions of bringing international resources and revolutionary teaching methods and platforms to the learning front. Starlight kindergartens and schools chain aim to support young people to think logically, be independent and creative in decisions, communicate their thoughts clearly and care enough for people around them.

PhD Jenni Vartiainen, Researcher and Founder of Kide Science says: "I am delighted to start the partnership with like-minded education enthusiasts who want to tackle the challenge for teachers and students with a rapidly changing world. In early childhood, we need to teach science process skills, not facts about science. That was a clear outcome of my academic research."

PhD Emily Chiang, Director of International Education in Starlight agrees: "Yes, current research has shown that the focus on exams and high amounts of repetitive homework has failed to create a holistic learning path for the new generation. Additionally, this method also tends to hinder children's natural curiosity. In our pilot program of Kide Science, we found children ask more questions and engage more deeply in learning about the world than in traditional science classes."

Kide Science supports Starlights' educators with online training, lesson plans, peer network and engagement for families to continue science education at home. With holistic support, teachers can focus on working with the children to provide wondrous hands-on science experiences, even remotely during the school closures.

More information:
Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, CEO
Kide Science
Telephone: +358445315134

Emily Chiang, PhD 江少蒼博士
Director of International Education Dept
Starlight Education Group
Telephone: 886-4-22513951

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