We here at Kide Science are enthusiastic about helping children to get excited about science and to learn how to think like a scientist.

4th of May 2020

Kide Science is looking for new team members for growth

We here at Kide Science are enthusiastic about helping children to get excited about science and to learn how to think like a scientist. We have secured funding for years to come, and we’ve got paying customers globally. One of our main goals for the near future is to bring science education to kindergartens and homes all over the world. As a new team member, you will have the freedom and right to influence the working methods of the team, as well as the tools and practices used. Technology is a tool for us to reach our goals - not the goal itself. It is because our main goal is to see the joy of revelation and excitement in children’s faces when they have figured something out by themselves! The customer feedback we receive makes us extremely happy.

At the core of our business, we have a pedagogical model that we have developed through scientific research. This pedagogical model is in use, for example:

  • in science lessons in kindergartens and hobby centres around the world
  • in our digital product for educators or parents
  • in a TV-show in Finnish children’s programme, Pikku Kakkonen
  • in books with Sanoma.

We want to utilise versatile channels in supporting science education for children. Importantly, we also continue the academic research on science education at the University of Helsinki. At the moment, the most important manifestation of our pedagogy is in our products for teachers: lesson plans and training materials, carefully developed by our top-notch in-house pedagogical team. We sell licenses for these globally, for example, for kindergarten chains and hobby centres. Our clients can as well come from the public sector, from Universities and Ministries of education. In Finland, we are already cooperating with several municipalities. We just closed a significant funding round, so it is time to change gears by getting some highly skilled coworkers for our lovely office in Kamppi, Helsinki. We are seeking full-time employees. You’d get to work alongside about ten colleagues, most closely with our dedicated sales & marketing and development team. Our pedagogical team is there to help with after-sales processes and customer relations since many of our customers are teachers. But we hope you have the ability to motivate, lead and elevate others to achieve more. We place a high priority on working culture, and we thus optimise learning as a team and truly working together. We would love you to spend your working time with us, at the office, but remote working is also possible. We offer you all of the tools you need, as well as all of our knowledge and skills. As an agile and young company, we work in a post-agile manner. All of our team members are equal, according to minimalistic organisation models, and all team members have equal right and opportunity to influence the decisions we make.


Your main task will be to optimise our online sales process. We have built a learning platform, through which we distribute all the materials. We know from previous trials that our product really works and the customers’ feedback on the platform is extremely positive. We have validated several markets and have gained customers from 14 countries. Out of these, we see the most growth potential in China. In addition, we aim to transform the organic traffic and interest into new customers.

Your tasks also include coming up with ways to solve some challenging issues. We have only started to develop our online sales process, but we see it would be extremely worthwhile to develop it to benefit all of the stakeholders. We have started building an automated sales pump, and polishing this sales pump to its glory would be your main task. Some of the interesting issues here are related to identifying the attributes of paying customers, building a working chain of communication, and understanding and utilising cultural differences in prizing and communication. We also observe the market from the viewpoint of the organic demand, which you would get to be accelerating, for instance, in Europe through keyword advertising. We have not dived deep into content marketing yet, but understand the potential of it. You would get to start solving and working on these issues.

We expect you to have experience in:

  • sales & marketing automation
  • growing user base, traffic and revenues
  • SEM and SEO
  • buying digital ads and analytical thinking
  • Google Adwords and Facebook Ads
  • building funnels in both B2B and B2C settings.

We expect you to have both the ability to plan and also to implement these changes. At the moment, the tools we use are Autopilot, Pipedrive, GA, Data Studio, Google Ads, as well as social media advertising. We assume you have worked with these tools for a while and that you understand user-centric design and eCom. If you can make data-driven decisions and execute small site changes on your own without the help of developers, that is a big plus! In addition, we hope that by reading this, you started having ideas on improvements!

For Growth Hacker, Please apply from here

Ask for more information from our CTO Sampsa Kuronen sampsa@kidescience.com


We have started to build an automated sales pump, but we need you in the front lines to search for the most prospective customers from kindergarten chains or similar and to curate the buying process to suit their needs. You are not a telemarketer since each customer needs to be contacted with a tailor-made approach. If you have a proven track record from sales experience in the education field, that is a big plus. We need you so that within a year, we can be confident we have contacted the most potential customers on the targeted market and have gotten some of them as excited partners. The interesting challenges for you to solve are, among other things, recognising the needs of the customers, building personal relationships and understanding cultural differences. We already have some success on this front, since we have the largest Finnish kindergarten chain and a notable partner in China with learning centers in 30 provinces as our customers. We have received several awards in our field, and we have investors, like Reaktor from Finland and Emerge Education from the United Kingdom, to back us up.

For Sales Manager, Please apply from here

Ask for more information from our CEO Sari Hurme-Mehtälä sari@kidescience.com

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